A little over 2 months after the beginning of the partnership between Porsche Motorsports and Iracing, IRB e-Sports is proud to announce its partnership with Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil. This is the first time one of the worlds most famous categories forms an official partnership with and e-sports company.

This special even will mark the formal debut of the CBA – Brazilian Racing Association, in the world of e-sports. This will mark a new standard for professionalism and credibility to all e-sports racing events.

The event will take place using Iracing as its main simulation partner. The entire program will take part over 7 days of qualifying races, culminating with the main event. The official dates will be between 4 and 9 of June, 2019.

This first virtual event organized together with the Brazilian partner of Porsche Motorsports, the Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil will be open to drivers from all over the world and will be broadcasted live in 4 different languages by RaceSpot TV. The audience will be able to enjoy a broadcast in English, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese. The details for the broadcast, together with the times and links to watch will be announced shortly, allowing you, the racing fan, the option to choose the best version for your racing experience.

The main event will be a 300km endurance race, where each team will have 2 drivers. The Iracing ID number for each driver must be provided to the organization on the day of their signup, using the “NOTAS”, a section of the form.

Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil will have several prizes for drivers and for the audience. 2 official driving courses will be awarded to competing drivers, where they will have the opportunity to drive the legendary Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car at Interlagos. Together with that, 2 Porsche Experiences passes will also be awarded, taking 2 of our drivers on a guided tour with one of the official Porsche drivers. To the audience and other members, over 300 tickets with pit-passes will be awarded during the event.

As part of the awards ceremony, the top 3 finishers will be invited to receive their trophies live at the real Interlagos podium, during the actual November 16th race.

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How to participate?

To sign up for the race, you must have a valid IRacing account. Each team will enroll 1 individual car ( with 2 drivers). During the signup process, the team must provide the Iracing ID number for each driver. They must do so using the “NOTAS” section of the form.

If you don’t have a valid IRacing Account, IRB e-Sports can provide a 3-month trial membership, when you sign up for the event. If necessary, you must request that during the signup process.

Like the real Porsche Carrera Cup race, this is a team event. No team will be allowed to race with only one driver. Each team must have 2 drivers sharing the car.

After signup up and the payment confirmation has been received, you will receive a confirmation email from the organization. Following that, a second email with detailed information about the event will be sent.


The Pre-Qualifying process will take place during May 20th and June 2nd, with multiple 2-hour sessions being created by the organization so the team can practice and attempt to record their fastest laps. Drivers are allowed to attend as many hosts as they choose, having multiple opportunities to record their best times for qualifying.

Each driver that attempts to take part in the pre-qualifying will need to complete at least 5 consecutive laps without recording an “incident point” (when a car goes beyond the limits of the track). The average time for the 5 lap run will be recorded as your qualifying time.

The pre-qualifying average times will be used to break up the field into the mandatory qualifying races. The qualifying races will take place on May 26th.



80 teams have signed up for the event. The field will be divided into 4 groups of 20 teams. In this example, the top 8 finishers from each qualifying session will lock their sports for the main event. The remaining teams will have a “Last Chance Race” in order to secure the final sports for the main race.

Teams can enroll their drivers until the last day of Pre-Qualifying. After that, each team that recorded a qualifying time will receive their designated Group Race information, with the time and host name.

Qualifying Races

As mentioned, the teams that fail to secure a spot during the qualifying races will be eligible to participate in the “ Last Chance Race”. The last chance race will take place on June 8th at 17:00 GMT, and will be broadcasted live on Youtube by the IRB e-Sports team.

The maximum number of teams will depend on the overall size of the field, and the number of available spots for the main event might be different depending on the number of pre-qualified cars. The information will become available as soon as the signup period ends, and the event organizers can determine the official number of entries.

The “Last Chance Race” will be actively monitored to make sure the rules and regulations will be followed by all teams and drivers. Race control will be reviewing the entire race and the official results will be posted after every potential incident be analyzed by the race control.

Main Event

The Porsche e-Sports Carrera Cup Brasil main event will take place on June 9th, at 17:00 GMT. The field will be formed by the teams that secure their qualifying stops during the Qualification Races, as well as the remaining team from the “Last Chance Race”.

RaceSport TV will be in charge of the official broadcast and will provide its services in 4 different languages ( English, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese). The official links will be posted over the next couple weeks after the official announcements are made.


At the conclusion of the race, the top finishers from the main event will be interviewed by the IRB e-Sports team, as well as by the broadcasting team in each language.


The virtual Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil Will award over BR$ 20.000,00 in total value. Several different awards will be given to drivers, teams and to audience members alike, from 2 seats for the Porsche Experience at Interlagos to more than 300 tickets for the real race event.

The top 3 finishing teams will be awarded trophies: They will receive the awards live, November 16th, at Interlagos, during the awards ceremony for the real-life Porsche Carrera Cup race.


Porsche Clinic: 2 drivers will be awarded the opportunity to drive the Porsche 911 GT3 at Interlagos. This experience includes radio communication with the Porsche team, telemetry analysis and professional racing tips from the Porsche drivers. Every driver that signs up for the event will have a chance to win this prize, including the teams and drivers that do not qualify for the main event.


Porsche Experience: 2 drivers will have the opportunity to complete guided laps at Interlagos, together with an official Porsche cup driver. Every driver that signs up for the event will have a chance to win this prize, including the teams and drivers that do not qualify for the main event.


300 tickets for the race: Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil will award over 300 tickets for IRB e-Sports to give away to their racing fans. The winners will be selected during the race and will be members of the audience commenting on the broadcasts. The tickets will access to the race, as well as pit-passes before the event, so you can meet your favorite Porsche Carrera Cup drivers.


Disclaimer: Porsche Carrera Cup Brasil and IRB e-Sports will not be responsible for travel and logistics accommodation for the event.

Custom Paints

All cars custom paints must to keep the official sponsoring brands of Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Brasil. No painting should superimpose with colors or images the sponsorships arranged in the customizable template. Download the customizable template clicking HERE!


All paintings must be sent for prior approval, in a period never less than 24 hours from the event


The use of the following sensitive topics is prohibited:



- political;
- religious or cultic manifestations;
- Substances with advertising or illicit restrictions in Brazil;
- piracy and violation of intellectual property;
- discriminatory behavior, incitement to crimes or violence;
- armaments;
- pornography


In case you do not know, or do not know someone who can create a customized painting for your car, we offer the official Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Brazil painting for use in sessions with live broadcast. They are: Classification, second chance race, and Main Race. Click HERE and download the official painting. It is necessary to change the name of the TGA file respecting the following nomenclature: "car_Team_ID.tga".

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

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